Youth commits suicide due to police harassment

suicide (1)Jharkhand chief minister Rahubar Das has ordered a CID probe into alleged police harassment that led to the suicide on Thursday of a suspected conman who masqueraded as an ‘assistant central intelligence officer’ (ACIO).
Shiv Saroj Kumar (27) allegedly hanged himself from a tree after sending emails to the Prime Minister’s Office and several other officials accusing the police of treating him and his father, a retired government official, like criminals when they went to lodge his abduction report.
The chief minister directed removal of one of the accused police officers from his present post and report to the police line. “I want the entire issue probed within 24 hours and action initiated against the guilty police officers,” Das said Thursday evening. Additional director general of police (ADG), CID, Ajay Kumar Singh is leading the probe mainly against two police officers, one posted as officer-in-charge of Chutia police station and the other a DSP.

suicide noteThe purported email, which is being treated as his suicide note, alleges how the police officers misbehaved with him and his
61-year-old father, mentally harassed and tortured them for three
days, for bringing his abduction to their notice.
Police claim that preliminary investigation has revealed that Saroj
was a thug who had been cheating his family and when he stood exposed
by the police in the presence of his father, he resorted to the
extreme step.
In his email, Saroj said he had come to Ranchi on Saturday for
re-verification of his passport as his job in the intelligence
department would require him to travel out of the country. But he
claimed he was drugged and abducted by unidentified goons in a car who
also looted all his belongings. When he woke up, he found himself in
the boot of a car.
He said while in the boot, he called up his brother-in-law and the
police control room for help. Saroj claimed his abductors then
snatched his phone and threw him in a pond.
He said he somehow walked out of the pond and got admitted to a
hospital when his father also came from Dhanbad. After discharge from
hospital, the duo went to the Chutia police station to lodge an FIR on
the abduction and loot. “We were victims, but police treated us like
criminals. They grilled us for hours and kept us at the police station
overnight without any reason. They misbehaved with my father, who is a
retired BCCL office, and held his collar on several occasions. This
was the first time we had been a police station and the experience was
shocking. I cannot take the humiliation of my father and myself any
longer and have hence decided to end my life,” the email sent to the
PMO, Union home minister Rajnath Singh besides several other senior
police officers said.
He also said that police also harassed them after they returned to
their hotel from the police station.

A senior police officer, who preferred anonymity, expressed his
condolences to the bereaved family but refuted all charges levelled by
“He had apparently made false claims about his job at the central
intelligence department to his family. But when our officers grilled
him thoroughly, his fraud started coming to the fore before his
father. Disgraced by the exposure he seems to have ended his life. But
the probe is still on and we would be able to unearth and reveal the
sequence of his alleged abduction and reasons for his suicide within
two days,” he said.
Police have in their possession Saroj’s fake ACIO identity card, an
‘official letter’ from the ‘office of chief, director of
intelligence’, which also turned out to be fake.
The top police officer said he has video clippings of his
interrogation at the Chutia police station where the police have not
been too rude to him. “We verified with the passport office and found
Saroj didn’t apply for re-verification of his passport,” he said.
The bereaved father, Suresh Kumar said, his son insisted that he was
an IT officer but police took that as IB officer and began a probe. He
too held police responsible for his son’s death.
पुलिस की प्रताड़ना से परेशान होकर युवक ने गुरुवार को रांची में फांसी
लगाकर आत्महत्या कर ली
धनबाद (झारखंड)।भूली सी ब्लाॅक के रहने वाले युवक का शव लेकर परिजन
रक्षाबंधन से तीन दिन पहले शुक्रवार को घर पहुंचे। शव के पहुंचते ही मां,
बहन और अन्य परिजनों का रो-रोकर बुरा हाल हो गया। तीनों बहनें, भाई के शव
से लिपटकर दोहरा रही थीं- ‘कोई मेरे भाई को उठा दो, उसे राखी बांधनी
हैं।’ परिजनों ने उन्हें समझाया, तो बहनों ने फर्ज निभाया- भाई के लिए जो
राखियां खरीद कर लाई थीं, उन्हें उसके शव पर रख दिया। ये सब देख मां
बेहोश हो गई। पुलिस की प्रताड़ना से परेशान होकर युवक ने दे दी थी जान…
-बताते चलें कि पुलिस की प्रताड़ना से परेशान होकर शिव सरोज ने गुरुवार को
रांची में फांसी लगाकर आत्महत्या कर ली थी।
-शव के पहुंचने पर रोती-बिलखती बहनों ने कहा- ‘शिव (सोनू) उठो, तुम्हारे
लिए राखी लाए हैं, इससे तुम्हारी कलाई सजानी है। हमारा भाई रक्षा बंधन के
पहले घर आया, लेकिन इस हालत में।’
-शिव का शव लेकर उसके पिता और अन्य परिजन दाह-संस्कार के लिए बनारस रवाना
हो गए। शिव ने गुरुवार को रांची में आत्महत्या कर ली थी।
-सुसाइड नोट में उसने पुलिस के दो अधिकारियों पर प्रताड़ित करने का आराेप
लगाया था। पीएम और सीएम को भी उसने नोट भेजा था।
क्या लिखा था सुसाइड नोट में
-शिव सरोज कुमार (27) ने गुरुवार को सेवा सदन अस्पताल के सामने पेड़ पर
अपनी ही लुंगी और गमछी से फांसी लगा कर आत्महत्या कर ली थी।
-वह 29 जुलाई को एयर एशिया की फ्लाइट से रांची आया था और चुटिया के होटल
रेडिएंट के कमरा नंबर 201 में ठहरा था।
-सुसाइड से पहले उसने दो अगस्त शाम 7.47 बजे कई लोगों को मेल से सुसाइड
नोट भेज कर आत्महत्या के लिए चुटिया थानेदार और सिटी डीएसपी को जिम्मेवार
ठहराया था।
-मेल से भेजे सुसाइड नोट में शिव ने लिखा है- शनिवार रात सवा दस बजे मैं
होटल से खाना खाने निकला, तो एक कार वाले ने पता पूछने के बहाने उसे कुछ
सूंघा दिया।
-जब होश आया, तो पाया कि वह कार की डिक्की में हूं। 100 नंबर पर और अपने
बहनोई को डायल किया, तो कार ड्राइवर ने फोन छीन लिया।
-इसके बाद मैं बड़ा तालाब में पड़ा मिला। पुलिस ने मुझे अस्पताल में
भर्ती कराया। होश आने पर पुलिस को पूरी कहानी बताई। पुलिस ने एफआईआर दर्ज
कर मुझसे और पिताजी से पूछताछ शुरू की।
-पूछताछ के दौरान दोनों से गाली गलौज कर जेल भेजने की धमकी दी। इससे मैं
काफी तनाव में रहने लगा। अब मैं सुसाइड करने जा रहा हूं।

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