Gujarati model Parvati Mahiya embraces Islam

Parvati MahiyaParvati Mahiya is a girl who welcomed Islam and left Hinduism for the Happiness of Allah, according to her it gave her peace of mind.
She says she is having a lot of peace now than she could ever be in.  She shares this her beautiful story below;
“I grew up in a very religious Hindu family and was practicing the same. I always had some doubts about Hinduism but never gave a thought to it. I knew about Christianity, Buddhism, and Jainism too via my friends but I never wanted to know about Islam because of my notion like any other non-Muslim that it’s a religion related to terror and violence.
When I was I the first year of my college there were two classmates of mine who always wore burqa so out of curiosity I asked them don’t you feel bad about the fact that you can’t wear fashionable clothes to which she replied we don’t wear burqa by compulsion or force from our religion but we wear it for our safety, because we feel more beautiful and protected in it and it’s our choice to wear it. her words moved me.
Then came a time when my father stopped worshiping idols and started to worship a guru. I understood this was wrong and I decided to choose a path which should be right for me and my understanding, wherein I can fit in.
After some soul searching I decided to study Islam and a friend of mine guided me. I saw every possible video on youtube, read blogs, I am also reading Quran and fasting. in January 20I7 I remember an angel came in my dream and I knew its a sign from Allah and I converted the next day.i am proud of the fact that I never believed in Islam for a person but because of the authenticity that this religion has.
Today when I see negativity all around, I thank Allah for my re-conversion into Islam. there is nothing as pure as this.
All my friends, the family tried a lot so that I don’t go on this path but trust me at one point of time I was so broken and Islam gave me a new life, rebirth. every time I hear people saying against Islam my faith grew stronger.
Today, becoming a better Muslim with each passing day is my number one priority and I urge you to believe in one God, worship him, praise him, thank him and live a righteous life based on his guidance.”

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