Muslim maulana salutes tricolour standing in flood on Independence Day, video goes viral

muslim maulanaIt’s heartening to see that for many, Independence Day and the sacrifices made by our ancestors to ensure our freedom continues to mean so much, even after 70 years. In 1947, it was on August 15 that India won its freedom back from the British rule, after almost a century of struggle. Thereafter was born the India that we all know as the largest democracy in the world.
Like every year, this time too, the celebrations kick-started with Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s speech at the Red Fort. But among the beautifully lit monuments and kites soaring high, it is a photo of kids at a school in Assam saluting the National Flag that is breaking the Internet.
tricolourWhile it is heartwarming to see students dressed up as Bapu, Bharat Mata, Nehru, etc., heading to school, this photo has got little do with euphoria and much to do with inspiration in the face of adversity. After all, in flood-hit Assam’s Dhubri district, the most they could probably do is hoist the flag. Mizanur Rahman, a teacher at Naskara Lower Primary School Number 1185 at Dhibru district in Assam, shared the photo of three young boys and a man standing in the murky flood waters that have wreaked havoc in the region and saluting the National Flag. Since uploading it in the morning on the occasion of Independence Day, the post has gone viral on Facebook with over 29,000 shares on the social media site.
Read his Facebook post here.
“Happy independence day to all…..
I m the asstt teacher at this school, school name…1185 No. Naskara LP school.. under Fakirganj Police station. Dhubri….no need to tell how we are right now, pic will tell all the stories…i did not expect this kind of support….thank you all for sharing this picture.”
Talking to, the 30-year-old teacher said that no classes have been conducted in the school since yesterday, August 14, after the flood waters hit the area.
Rahman said there are 170 students in the school who are unable to attend classes after the calamity hit them. He said that help is yet to reach them. While he said he has enough to eat right now, “others are in trouble”. Listing the problems that they are facing, Rahman said that they are affected by soil erosion and that badly constructed roads are posing a big problem.
Ever since this photo went viral, others have taken to social media – especially Twitter – to share similar images of people celebrating Independence Day in the flood-hit state, where their bodies might be immersed in water, but their spirits continue to soar high.

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