Youth should make meaningful efforts setting a big target: CM Mr. Chouhan

Inauguration of Indo-ASEAN youth summit 

asean17.8.17Bhopal, August 17, 2017 (Muslim Saleem):  Chief Minister Mr. Shivraj Singh Chouhan urged youth to make meaningful efforts setting a big target. He further mentioned that youth should come forward to eliminate terrorism, for poverty eradication, women empowerment, encouragement to talent, addiction free world and for environmental balance. Mr. Chouhan was addressing the inaugural session of Indo-ASEAN Youth Summit today. The summit was organized under the auspices of union Ministry for External Affairs, Madhya Pradesh government and India foundation. Chief of India Foundation Mr. Ram Madhav was present on the occasion. CM Mr. Chouhan stated that youth must come forward to tackle the prime challenges of present era. Efforts to eliminate terrorism mentality are must to finish terrorism. Moreover, devotional activities are needed to eradicate poverty considering poor as Lord. Mr. Chouhan said that works on Poor Welfare Agenda are being undertaken in the leadership of the Prime Minister Mr. Narendra Modi.

Basic amenities and facilities like ration at low prices, free education, scholarships and other economic assistance, medical treatment and housing facility are being made available to help poor in Madhya Pradesh also. Mr. Chouhan further stated that additional activities are required to bring women which constitute half of world’s population at the equal level. Efforts for women empowerment has been made in the real sense in Madhya Pradesh. Women are being involved in government mechanism here. Reservation in urban bodies and government services has been made for them and concrete works related to the social security of girls since birth have been carried out in the state.

Similarly, effective efforts are must for encouraging talent and therefore Mukhya Mantri Medhavi Vidhyarthi Chhatravratti Yojana has been launched in the state.  Mr. Chouhan laid emphasis on need for secured environment for future generations. He mentioned that balance between development and environment is must. Nature should be utilized, exploitation is not proper. He also informed about the efforts made in the state regarding environment conservation. Mr. Chouhan said that problem of addiction is becoming serious before the world. Efforts are needed to make the world free of addiction.

Welcoming the participants, Mr. Chouhan said India and ASEAN countries enjoy relations since ancient times. Their views, traditions, culture and heritage are common. He stated that a philosophy towards path of peace was originated first in India in the form of Mahatma Buddha. Mr. Chouhan mentioned that Madhya Pradesh is the fastest progressing state of the country. The state is full of cultural, historical heritages, forest and wild life prosperity. Chief Minister Mr. Chouhan called upon the participants to observe heritages of the state. Moreover, he mentioned that participants will always be welcomed warmly in the state.

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