Ladki chhedne waale ko nanga kar ke peeta Eve teaser denuded and beten by mother of girl and others

pitaiA miscreant was taught a well-deserved lesson by the mother of a young girl who was relentlessly harassed. The incident is of Unjha town in Gujarat and the youth was handed over to the police after brutal thrashing in full public view.
The youth had obtained the girl’s mobile number and began harassing her over the phone calls.
This indecencies continued for past four days before the scared girl apprised her family of the issue she was facing regarding the miscreant.
After learning of their daughter’s ordeal the family sought help of another youth to arrange a meeting with the accused at the pre-decided spot.
When he arrived at the spot on the given time, the girl’s family was able to identify him and grabbed hold of him.
The raging mother of the harassed girl began raining blows on the youth and did not stop till she stripped him down to only his undergarment.

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