Man who leaked GF’s naked picture found dead in canal

deathSuresh Sudhar disappeared 8 days ago in Hanumangarh district of Rajasthan. When a search party was sent for Suresh, the police found a letter on the banks of the canal. In this letter, Suresh said that the cause of his death is his girlfriend and two young men with her.
They had been constantly harassing him and were calling him to the canal to kill him, revealed his chilling note.
“My girlfriend has called me to the canal to kill me and I am going,” said Suresh Sudhar in his last note before he leaving his house, never to return again.
Before he was ‘murdered,’ the 30-year-old man had written a letter in which he had said that his life was in danger.
He shared his private pictures with his girlfriend in a whatsapp group.
He also left a suicide note in the groups he was part of; this is how his family came to know about it.
He left a parting message in his note, “Thank you to everyone. Forgive me papa. Do investigate my phone call details.”.”

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