This beautiful Indian Woman has 3 husbands and a secret lover

woman cheatIndore Police officials recently arrested a certain ‘looteri bride’, who has a record of marrying several men and then stealing them off their riches. The accused, Jasprit Kaur’s latest victim was a certain textile merchant from Indore.
Indore officials were on the lookout for Jasprit and her accomplice from a long time. Portraying herself as a wealthy woman, she’d marry wealthy businessmen, only to later steal valuables and riches from their house. After receiving intel on her whereabouts in Mandala, officials were able to nab Jasprit at the right time.
In May 2017, her last husband, Lokesh Talreja filed a complaint against Jasprit and her accomplice Baabir after he was able to collect proof of Jasprit’s crimes.
Lokesh and Jasprit met via a matrimonial site where she claimed her annual income was Rs. 50 Lakh. Quite a wealthy businessman himself, Lokesh didn’t suspect any foul play and began to meet Jasprit constantly.
A few months later, the duo tied the knot in an Arya Samaj wedding. A few weeks into the marriage, Jasprit mentioned she needs to go to Mandala as she received a job offer there.
Taking about Rs. 1.25 lakh and expensive jewelry from home, Jasprit left Indore. Although Lokesh tried to bring her back, she made several excuses to avoid returning. Until one day, Baabir picked up the phone and threatened Lokesh.
Suspecting foul play, Lokesh began to investigate on Jasprit. He soon realised Jasprit was married several times and also was in a live-in with a few men from whom she has scammed money and jewellery as well.
Lokesh then got in touch with the men filed a police complaint Jasprit in May 2017.
Officials were on the lookout for Jasprit ever since, until they successfully nabbed her in Mandala.

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