Model commits suicide after killing TV host, her ex boyfriend

murderTurkish TV host Vatan Şaşmaz is believed to have been killed by a former model in an Istanbul hotel room earlier this week.
Filiz Aker, reportedly fired four shots at Şaşmaz in his back before committing suicide with a single bullet in her head at the Conrad Hotel.
“Aker had reportedly been having dinner at the hotel with her niece Dora Ercan at around 5 p.m. and later went to her room after receiving a text message,” Hurriyet Daily News reported.
“After Ercan inquired about Aker’s whereabouts to hotel staff, they opened the door to the room and found 43-year-old Şaşmaz and 55-year-old Aker lying on the ground.
“Police and health teams arrived at the scene but both were pronounced dead.”
Şaşmaz and Aker had a relationship in 2009 but then broke up, according to a police report cited by the newspaper. Şaşmaz got married to another woman in 2015.
Ercan’s husband claimed that Aker was suffering from psychological problems, the report added.

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