Seed federation to have its brand like IFFCO, KRIBHCO: MoS Mr. Sarang

Annual general meeting of state cooperative seed federation concludes

sarang1.10.17Bhopal, October 1, 2017 (Ataullah Faizan):  Minister of State for Cooperative Mr. Vishwas Sarang said that Seed Federation is preparing to introduce its brand like IFFCO and KRIBHCO. Execution is being made by forming short term and long term schemes by Seed Federation. Minister of State Mr. Sarang was addressing the annual general meeting of State Cooperative Seed Federation.  Mr. Sarang said that Seed Federation will have its brand. Quality of seeds will be maintained. Marketing of seeds will be done through seed producer committees through this brand. He said that execution on this plan has already started. This is a long term plan. The Minister of State said that logistic facility has been given to committees as part of short term scheme to ensure sale of seeds of seed producer committees. Mr. Sarang said that seed federation will implement suggestions of seed producer committees. Marketing chain of seed societies will be made through the federation.  The Minister of State for cooperative Mr. Sarang said that the areas will be earmarked which are suitable for seed production and seeds producer committees are producing the seed there. Cluster involving one or more district will be formed. The committees will be given technical and scientific inputs for seed production.

Supply of this seeds in the areas where it is in demand will be ensured.  Annual report, budget and income and expenditure of the federation was approved in the meeting. Managing director of seed federation Mr. RK Ghiya, MD, Apex Bank, Mr. Pradip Nikhra, MD, Seed Certification Board, Mr. KS Tekam, officers of concerned departments and office-bearers of seed producer committees were present in the meeting.

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