Manali becomes hub of International sex racket

sexManali: A week after a sex racket running in a hotel located in Shimla’s Dhalli area was busted, Kullu Police has now reportedly busted an international sex racket running in a hotel named ‘Dev Bhoomi’ in Manali.
As per the initial report, the police nabbed four persons including the hotel manager and 2 females of Tanzania and one of Uganda.
The Superintendent of Police, Kullu, Shalini Agnihotri, confirmed that police acted after receiving a tip-off about ongoing flesh trade at the said hotel.
The police used a decoy customer approached the hotel. A deal was finalized after which a team of police headed by the SSP Kullu nabbed the culprits red-handed.
Though initial report said two of them were arrested and two females of foreign nationality, who are said to have been forced into flesh trade, were rescued.
The manager was identified as Manjish Kumar of Mandi district.
The police initiated an investigation after registering cases against the culprits.
Rise in Cases of Flesh Trade
During past couple of years, police have busted over a dozen alleged sex rackets in Kullu and Manali region. The racket thrives with te onset of tourist season.
In July this year, local police had busted an online sex racket in which three persons were arrested while two girls were rescued in Manali. Through this online racket, girls were supplied to the hotel in Manali on demand.
The local police had also busted a sex racket in Manali in April this year in which five women, including a pimp, were arrested. In the same month, police had busted a sex racket in Mcleod Ganj in which arrests were made from Manali.
Similarly, a sex racket was busted in December 2016 in which two persons, including a woman, were arrested following a midnight raid at a hotel.
Before it, a manager of the hotel and two other persons were arrested from Manali in May 2015.
In most of the rackets, the majority of females involved hailed from neighboring states.
इस होटल में चल रहा था विदेशी महिलाओं का सेक्स रैकेट, पुलिस पहुंची तो हुआ ये
‌मनाली.मनाली में पुलिस ने वीरवार को अंतरराष्ट्रीय सेक्स रैकेट का भंडाफोड़ कर होटल मालिक और तीन विदेशी महिलाओं को अरेस्ट किया है। पुलिस के अनुसार युगांडा और तंजानिया की दो महिलाओं को इस धंधे में जबरन धकेला गया। होटल के मालिक व दलाल महिला को कोर्ट ने रिमांड पर भेज दिया है।
एएसपी निश्चिंत नेगी के अनुसार उन्हें होटल देवभूमि में सैक्स रैकेट चलाए जान की जानकारी मिली थी। कुछ पुलिसवालों को ग्राहक बनाकर होटल भेजा गया। सौदा होते ही छापा मारकर सभी को गिरफ्तार कर लिया है। एसपी कुल्लू शालिनी ने बताया कि पुलिस ने संबंधित देशों की दूतावास को सूचित कर दिया है।

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