Married woman keeps body of BF in fridge after murder by her friend

murderSP city Prabal Pratap Singh said that on September 26 an unidentified body of found near Shivpuri Shamshan Ghat of Saharanpur. He was identified as Aatish a resident of Indira Colony.
Initially, the case seemed to be that of suicide, but post-mortem reports confirmed that the man was strangled to death. After a thorough investigation, the police zeroed in on Prerna (name changed) with whom he was said to be having an affair.
After she was interrogated by the police, she broke down and told the truth. Prerna said, “I am a married woman. For the last 6 months I was living in my maternal home instead of my husband’s house.
I had known Ashish for years but we became very close during my stay at my parent’s house.
We slept together several times but Aatish started pressuring me for this every day.
My family too had caught us together red-handed many times and that is why I wanted to get rid of him.”
She continued, “On 24 September, no one was home so I called him to my house.
I requested him to forget everything that had happened between us but my brother came home and the two started having a heated argument.
My brother strangulated him to death with a dupatta. After this, we hid the body in the refrigerator so that no one would know. My brother, along with his accomplices and to get rid of the body, took away the refrigerator as well.
When someone asked, we made an excuse that we were going to sell the fridge; my brother threw the body on a railway track and then sold the refrigerator.
SP City told that the day after Aatish’s body was found, Prerna went straight to the DM and SSP with a letter alleging that she was being forcibly charged for the murder of Aatish.
The police got very suspicious as initial investigations had suggested the case to be that of a suicide but instead Prerna jumped to murder charges.
Prerna and her brother’s two accomplices – Shivkumar and Bhola have been arrested but her brother is still on the run from the law. .

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