Indian Navy Sailor Manish Giri becomes girl after sex change, sacked from service

sexSabi Giri, aka Manish Giri, an Indian Navy Sailor who was discharged from service for undergoing a sex change surgery has said she will challenge the decision in the court.
Giri who joined the Navy seven years ago was discharged on Monday by evoking the clause of Service No Longer Required under the Navy Regulations, a Navy statement said.
She had undergone sex change surgery in a Mumbai hospital in 2016 while on leave. The Navy said the sex change surgery breached the Recruitment Regulations and eligibility criteria for employment as a Sailor in the Indian Navy.
It added that the existing service rules and regulations do not permit the sailor’s continued employment owing to the altered gender status, medical condition and resultant employability restrictions.
Talking to Indiatimes earlier, Giri who was serving at the INS Eksila base of the navy in Visakhapatnam had accused her seniors of locking her up in a psychiatric ward for six months after they became aware of the sex change.
Despite her Commanding Officer sending her papers to the Naval Headquarters in Delhi, Giri had expressed hope of continuing her service.
But now since the Navy has discharged her from service, Giri won’t be eligible for any benefits including pension as it is mandatory to serve for at least 15 years in the armed forces to become eligible for it.

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