Woman’s breast stamped, man thrashed over illicit relations

sexIn the Muzaffarpur district of Bihar, a couple was brutally beaten up by several men for allegedly maintaining an illicit relationship. The footage and photos of the incident show the man being tied up in a corner while men constantly throw punches at him. On the other hand, after several beatings, the woman loses her consciousness, following which, a man is seen stomping her on the chest.
After the footage was spread across social media, officials began to gather information on the victims as the couple hadn’t pressed any charges. All fingers finally pointed to a case that was filed in the district that depicted theft followed by physical assault.
Officials are also looking into the culprits and are trying their best to nab them at the earliest.
According to reports, the couple have left the town where the incident occurred and officials are trying to locate them for a statement.
The man in the video was seen profusely bleeding after getting beaten up by the culprits.The culprits also refused to stop inflicting pain on the woman despite her losing her consciousness.
As the case registered in the station mentions theft, the statement of the couple becomes of utmost importance in order to probe further.

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