Teacher asks for sex from girl student in Bihar, beaten in school

beatenIn Bihar’s Arariya district, a teacher was beaten by students who accused him of making obscene phone calls to a girl student studying in the same school. The teacher tried to run away but to no avail; the students caught up with him.
It is being said that that a teacher from Dvijdeni High School, Dilshad Ahmad used to call a girl student at night and would make obscene phone calls to her.
Upset, the girl told her family members after which they reached the school on Wednesday.
As soon as other students got to know about this, they started creating a ruckus in the school premises. During this time, many student leaders also reached there and and started beating the accused teacher,
Upon receiving the information, Farbisganj Police also reached on the spot and arrested the accused teacher Dilshad. However, the teacher told police that he was innocent.

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