Rural women getting dignified employment

Bhopal, October 22, 2017 (Ataullah Faizan):  Cloth is being manufactured through handlooms by 7 self help groups in livelihood centre of village Lohi – Rewa district. Thirty five women of scheduled caste and tribe are connected to these self help groups. These women have woven 270 meters of cloth now. At an average, a sum of rupees 4,500 per month is being earned by each woman. Women of 21 self help groups of village Lohi and Dehra of Mauganj village are manufacturing teddy bears. Each woman is earning Rs. 200 per day at an average for manufacturing 3 – 4 teddy bears per day. Ninety rural women are linked with these self help groups. In village Lohi, 10 women of two self help groups are becoming economically independent by earning Rs. 4,000 per month approximately. Moreover, 180 women of village Jori and Khira of Rewa District are involved in incense stick manufacturing work.Women of this group are manufacturing incense sticks upto one quintal with one machine per day. These incense sticks are famous by the name Akshar incense sticks. Akshar brand incense sticks have carved its special niche in the market of Rewa.  Women of self help group of village Bhanpur and Khamaha are manufacturing flower pots with cow dung. Forty five women are connected with 9 self help groups to carry out flower pot manufacturing activity.

These women are manufacturing over one lakh flower pots per month with the help of 25 machines. An order of 5 lakh flower pots has been given to these self help groups by horticulture and forest department. Not only have these women linked with the self help groups become economically independent but the economical condition of their families have also improved substanially. These families now enjoy dignity in the village. Antoyoday rural livelihood mission has become a strong medium for providing useful employment to rural women of Rewa district.

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