After rape by IAS father for 6 years, Kavita become Tonga driver (tangewali)

rapeIn the Ajmer city of Rajasthan, a young woman has been gathering immense spotlight from the localities. Reason? She is the first woman ‘tangewali’ in the city. While her courage to shun stereotypes in Rajasthan has earned her much attention, Kavita Singh (name changed) has her own tale of woes that she wants the world to pay heed to.
Kavita is the daughter of a reputed IAS officer, who not just inflicted sexual abuse and mental torture on his daughter, but also refused to take care of her ever since the death of his wife and her mother. Here”s the complete story of Kavita’s ordeal…
Kavita was adopted as a child by the IAS officer and his wife. The couple hold a high status in the society and are considered to be respected individuals as well.
Kavita was well taken care of, thanks to her mother. Right from being educated in the top schools in Rajasthan to catering to her every need, Kavita never had a complain on her upbringing.
However, things changed when Kavita’s mother passed away 6 years back. Ever since, her father has been mentally and physically abusing Kavita.
Unable to take his sexual assaults any further, Kavita decided to leave her house and finally landed in Ajmer, where she took up a job as a ‘tangewali’ for her survival.

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