Why parents threw actress Zaira Wasim out of their house?

zaira wasimZaira Wasim became a star with her very first film Dangal along with Aamir Khan. Her second film Secret Superstar with Aamir again has been receiving outstanding response.
Zaira in Secret Superstar plays the role of girl named Insia Malik who has high dreams. But in real love, Zaira has no dreams for herself, and believes in destiny and goes with the flow.
After the phenomenal response of the film, Zaira interacted with the media today on her birthday day and spoke her heart out. She was asked if she has ever taken a bold step to achieve her dream like her character in Secret Superstar. The 16-year-old very honestly replied,
“I do not have any dream. The last time I fought with my parents was when I wanted to adopt the cat. My mom threw me out of the house after that.”
Zaira was even asked how she stays grounded after achieving success, the little one answered, “It’s too early for me to talk about success, especially at this age. I am very fortunate to work in good films. I do not do anything if I am not convinced. If I am not good at something, I won’t do it.”
Talking about her perception on Aamir from Dangal to Secret Superstar, she said,
“I was shocked to see Aamir hitting on every woman in the film, as an actor it was a mental jump for me, most of the time I couldn’t stop my laughter in certain scenes. I took so many retakes because of him”.
Zaira even revealed that the most challenging part for her in the film was to get out of her character as the entire process for her was emotionally draining. Well, all we can say is the efforts have paid off exceptionally well for the 16-year-old.

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