Woman murdered while assailants wanted to kill husband in Delhi

murderA 34-year-old woman was shot dead inside a car by unidentified men in north Delhi’s Rohini early on Wednesday morning, Delhi Police said. Her restaurateur husband, who was driving the car, and their toddler son escaped unhurt.
Deputy commissioner of police (northwest) Milind Dumbere identified the woman as Priya Mehra. She was shot in her neck and face and died before she could be taken to a hospital. Police believe the husband, Pankaj Mehra, was the target instead. Dumbere said Pankaj has told the investigators that he suspected a moneylender as he owed him lakhs of rupees.
“The family was returning home in Rohini from a gurdwara in a Maruti Ritz car when they were attacked around 4 am,” Dumbere told the Hindustan Times over the phone.
Another car intercepted them near Rohini Jail. “Pankaj says he saw three attackers but they could be four as well. When they tried to shoot Pankaj, he indulged in a scuffle with them from inside his car. We believe Pankaj was the target but his wife ended up getting hit,” said the DCP.
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Dumbere said it is being probed if Pankaj survived because the weapon used in the crime jammed after the first two shots were fired.
Though the prime suspect in the case is a moneylender, police are also probing if robbery or personal enmity could be a motive.
“The interest had grown a lot and Pankaj was to pay nearly Rs 40 lakh. He says he was being threatened with physical harm by the moneylender because of the delay in returning the money,” said Dumbere.
Pankaj told the police he strongly believes the moneylender sent his goons to kill him but they ended up shooting his wife instead. “The moneylender was not among the attackers,” Dumbere said and added the suspects were yet to be nabbed.

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