100 years old woman raped, dies in Uttar Pradesh

rapeThe world we are living in right now has a huge appetite for violence against women. A crime that has hardly any punishment commensurating with the impact is so common, so popular that we, as citizens have stopped cringing.
In what looks another jaw-dropping case of sexual assault, a 100-year-old woman was raped in Uttar Pradesh’s Meerut by an inebriated youth and she died soon after.
The case happened in Jaani village of Meerut, Uttar Pradesh
The woman, hho was staying with her brother was attacked by the youth.
It is only when the woman cried for help did the brothers and neighbours came to know about the situation. They then came to her rescue and handed the gentleman to police.
The accused is Ankit Punia from the same village and has been arrested. He is now pleading for a guilt-free pass and says that he is innocent.

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