7 friends killed as car hit by bus

accidentJodhpur: In a horrific end to a birthday celebration, seven friends were killed on the spot after their car crashed into a private bus on Friday morning near Dau village on Unjha-Ahmedabad highway. Primary investigation revealed that four of them were second- year-students of Pandit Deendayal Petroleum University and lived in the college hostel. The remaining three were residents of Nikol in Ahmedabad.

The four PDPU students have been identified as Divyapalsinh Jhala, Aditya Patel, Uday Pandya and Mukul Kuradia, all aged 22 years. Two others—Brijesh Kakadia (25) and Gopal Kakadia (22)— were siblings, while Monag Jadwani (20) was their cousin. According to police, the youths had left for Rajasthan most probably on Wednesday night to celebrate Divyapalsinh’s birthday on Thursday. The accident happened at around 2:30 am on Friday near Dau village when they were on their way back to Ahmedabad. The car in which they were travelling belonged to Brijesh and had been purchased second-hand earlier this week.
Police sources said that when the youths were crossing the village, the front tyre on the driver’s side burst. As a result, the driver lost control and the car jumped over the divider before crashing head on into the oncoming bus. It is believed Divyapalsinh was driving the car. All seven friends died on the spot. Though the bus was damaged, all its passengers were safe.

The victims
Divyapalsinh was a second year student of civil engineering from PDPU. He lived in room no 308 in the campus hostel. His father JN Jhala is a police inspector in Ahmedabad (Rural). Aditya, Divyapalsinh’s roommate, was a student of mechanical engineering and belonged to Modasa in Sabarkantha. Aditya’s father said, “He had called up and told me that he was going out for dinner to celebrate his friend’s birthday. I had advised him not to stay out late in the night. However, I had no idea that he had gone to Rajasthan.” Uday, who hailed from Bhavnagar, was pursuing a degree in petroleum technology.

Mukul, who was his classmate, had come from Jodhpur, Rajasthan, for the course. Brijesh and Gopal – residents of Samay Residency in Nikol – were into real estate business. They belonged to Bhavnagar and had shifted to Ahmedabad two years back to expand their business. Monag, their cousin, too lived in Nikol. Uday and Brijesh, being from Bhavnagar, were friends and the latter used to visit PDPU hostel very often to meet his friend. It was during these visits that he befriended the other boys. Gradually, Gopal too became a part of the group.

‘Impact of collision was severe’
Inspector AA Patel of Mehsana taluka police station told Mirror, “The victims were returning to Ahmedabad from Rajasthan while the bus was travelling to Jodhpur in Rajasthan from Ahmedabad. The impact of the accident was so severe that car was completely mangled. We had to cut open the entire roof to take out the bodies.”

Grief compounded
The death of Brijesh and Gopal came as a shock for their family which was yet to come out of the trauma of their father Sanjay Kakadia’s suicide 11months ago . Incidentally, the brothers had married two sisters from Bhavnagar.
कार को 10 फीट घसीटते ले गई बस, गाड़ी को काटकर निकालनी पड़ी लाशें
जोधपुर/मेहसाणा. गुजरात के ऊंझा से मेहसाणा जा रही एक कार का टायर फट गया। इसके बाद कार बेकाबू होकर डिवाइडर पार कर जोधपुर की लक्ष्मी ट्रेवल्स की बस से टकरा गई। हादसे में अहमदाबाद मूलत: जोधपुर के रहने वाले मुकुल कोरड़िया समेत 7 युवकों की मौत हो गई। बस करीब 10 फुट तक कार को घसीटते हुए ले गई। लाशों को बुरी तरह डेमेज्ड कार को काटकर निकालना पड़ा।

– शुक्रवार को देर रात एक साथ 7 दोस्त की बर्थडे पार्टी मनाने के लिए निकले थे। वापसी के दौरान हादसे में यह पार्टी जिंदगी की आखिरी पार्टी बन गई, जब उनकी होंडा कार का टायर फटने से कार बस ये टकरा गई।
– हादसा इतना भयंकर था कि कार के परखच्चे उड़ गए थे और मृतकों को बाहर निकालने कार के दरवाजे काटने पड़े।
– लड़कों की पहचान के लिए पॉकेट में मिले आईकार्ड और मोबाइल के आधार पर पुलिस ने जांच की।
– इस हादसे में जान गंवाने वालों में ब्रजेश काकड़िया, गोपाल काकड़िया, मोनांग जादवानी, दिव्यपाल झाला, आदित्य पटेल, उदय पंड्या भावनगर अहमदाबाद के निवासी थे।

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