She ran naked and profusely bleeding to save herself from rapist attacker

rape     A man who had just come out of Burhanpur jail launched a deadly attack on a woman with a sickle. The man attacked the woman without mercy, rendering her nearly naked and bloodied in the middle of the field. The woman received serious injuries all over her body.
The woman bravely battled the man for about 20 minutes; she then ran bloodied and naked for half a kilometer for help. Another woman witnessed the incident and came for help. All this while, her clothes lay on the road.
The woman covered her with clothes, got her to the highway and informed the police. The incident took place near Amravati Highway in the Gupteshwar temple area.
The survivor claims that the accused Ramzaan had raped her multiple times. She approached police but everytime was let off with just a case of arms act. Two weeks ago, Ramzaan again raped her. She filed a complaint again but police sent him to jail after a filing a case under arms act again.
“If the police had taken my case seriously, then this wouldn’t happen,” laments the victim. The seriously injured woman is now fighting for her life; the doctors have referred her to Indore.

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