Another Haryanvi singer Mamta murdered, was being threatened by another singer

murderA popular Haryanvi folk singer Mamta Sharma was today allegedly killed in the fields of Baniyani village of Rohtak district. The body of 40-year-old woman was found with her throat slit, police said. According to her son Bharat Sharma, Mamta had attended an event on January 15 with one Mohit Kumar and didn’t return back. Following which, Bharat lodged a complaint at Kalanaur police station. Mamta’s son has said that his mother was travelling in Mohit’s car to attend the event. Later, Mohit informed the victim’s family that on the way they met some people near Lahli village, with whom Mamta went to Gohana city in Sonipat district. The singer told Mohit that she would return in couple of hours.

The victim’s son, suspecting foul play, went to the police to register a complaint. “I had lodged a missing complaint in the police station of my mother but police did not care to find her and her body was found today in fields, ” Bharat said as per The Times of India. The victim hailed from Kalanaur village in Rohtak district.
Deputy Superintendent of Police, Meham along with his investigating team reached to crime spot and collected evidence. The police said that they have also collected some clinching evidence from her phone call records. A case has been registered against unidentified persons and the probe is on.
Earlier in December, another Haryanvi singer and dancer Harshita Dahiya was killed by four men on the direction of her brother-in-law and notorious gangster Dinesh Karala, police had said. Karala confessed to the murder conspiracy during his interrogation after he was brought from Jhajjar jail on a production warrant, Superintendent of Police Rahul Sharma had said. SP Sharma said that the accused revealed the names of his 4 accomplices who killed Dahiya. “Dinesh (Karala) is a notorious gangster. As many as 12 criminal cases have been registered against him at various police stations in Sonepat, Jind, Jhajjar and Delhi”, he added.
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हरियाणा में सिंगर का मर्डर, रोहतक में मिली बॉडी; 4 महीने में दूसरी गायिका की हत्या की गई

रोहतक.4 दिन से लापता सिंगर की बॉडी रोहतक के बनियानी गांव में मिली है। उनका गला धारदार हथियार से काटा गया है। पुलिस और एफएसएल टीम ने मौके पर जांच की है। ममता ममता हरियाणवी रागनी और जागरण के प्रोग्राम करती थीं। वह रोहतक के कलानौर की रहने वाली थी। रविवार को वे एक प्रोग्राम के लिए घर से निकलीं और उसके बाद उनका कोई पता नहीं चला।
कार को दो युवकों ने रोका और साथ लेकर चले गए
– ममता के बेटे भारत ने पुलिस से कहा था कि ममता रविवार सुबह साढ़े आठ बजे गोहाना के नंदीशाला में प्रोग्राम के लिए निकली थीं।
– भारत ने बताया, “उनके साथ मोहित नाम का कलाकार था, वो उसी के साथ कार से निकली थीं। जैसे ही गाड़ी लाहली गांव के पास पहुंची तो एक कार ने उन्हें रुकने का इशारा किया।”
– “कार से दो युवक उतरे और ममता से बात करने लगे। ममता ने मोहित से कहा कि वे युवकों को जानती हैं और उनके साथ अपनी सहेली के घर जा रही हैं। उन्होंने 30 मिनट बाद रोहतक के पुराने बस स्टैंड के पास मोहित से मिलने की बात भी कही।”

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