Great Urdu litterateur and adovate M.A. Qadeer passes away

MA QADeer soloMA Qadeer (Mohammad Abdul Qadeer) (Died at Allahabad in the night of January 18, laid to rest at Maudha on January 19, 2017)

MA Qadeer:Mohammad Abdul Qadeer, generally known as MA Qadeer, was a great Urdu poet and writer as well as an Urdu activist. Basically, he was one of leading advocates of High Court but amazingly found time to pen poetry, prefaces of literary books apart from Urdu activisim. He has founded Urdu Ghar literary society and has also got its building constructed. Actually, he made the Allahabad Municipal Corporation to allot the roof of one of its single-story buildings in Kareli locality and then had a big hall constructed there, where literary functions are held. Urdu Ghar also serves as a publishing house of Urdu books.

Life and works: MA Qadeer was born on at Modha in Hamirpur district of Uttar Pradesh from where he completed his early education. Later, he studied law and started practice at the Allahabad High Court. Gradually, he rose to become one of the leading HC lawers. He was quite sensitive towards Islam and Urdu with thoroughly secular credentials. He is also a good Urdu poet and according to a well-established critic of Allahabad of Shabkhoon fame, his poetry is akin to the poetry of Nasikh.

Observation about MA Qadeer by Muslim Saleem: It is the good luck of the compiler of this directory to have interacted with MA Qadeer during his Allahabad stay for about five years. I don’t recall, when and where I met him for the first time but as soon as I met him I felt that I had known him for ages. Our understanding was reciprocal. MA Qadeer looks very simplistic at the first glance but when he speaks, his vast knowledge and insight leaves an awesome impact on the listener. He is also very large-hearted. It is difficult for a poet to acknowledge and praise other poets but MA Qadeer’s greatness lies in the fact that he not only praises others’ good poetry but also helps them publish their books. His observation is very sharp. Here I (Muslim Saleem) will cite an interesting episode. In the late 70s, we had an opportunity to travel together to Delhi by train. When we boarded the 3-tier compartment, a rustic had a black blanket spread on the middle berth. As MA Qadeer entered the compartment, he at once pointed out that a bug was crawling over the blanket. At first, I thought he was joking since it was very difficult for a person to spot a small, black bug on a jet black blanket. But when he put his finger on the bug, everyone was awe-struck. This incident will remain etched in my memory forever. His sensitivity and insight recently manifested in a poem “Intezar-e-Bazyabi”, which he wrote a day before a famous High Court decision was to come in an important case about the place of worship. In the poem, MA Qadeer foretold the decision correctly on the basis of insight.

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