Neighbour raped and killed Zainab in Kasur city of Pakistan

zainabKASUR: The suspected murderer and rapist of the 7-year-old girl Zainab has on Tuesday been arrested by police according to police. Police sources claim that the murderer has not only been caught but has also confessed during the investigations to his crime.
The accused is named Imran Arshad and is a neighbour of the family. Police sources claimed that the suspect’s DNA has matched with those found from Zainab’s body.
Zainab Amin had been found dead from a heap of garbage in Kasur on January 4. The autopsy reports had proved that the girl had been raped before murder.
Violent protests had erupted throughout the city afterwards and two people had died as the police opened fire at the protesters.
According to reports, Imran was a resident of the same area where Zainab resided and it was his habit to play with kids of the area.
1050 people were DNA tested by the police in the case. It is pertinent to mention here that though the suspect in the CCTV footage was bearded, when the police arrested Imran, he had shaved his face clean.

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