CM Mr. Chouhan holds Prerna Samvad with students

Chief Minister gives tips for success to students

lead4.2.18Bhopal, February 4, 2018 (Muslim Saleem):  Chief Minister Mr. Shivraj Singh Chouhan, while holding the inspirational dialogues with school students, extended best wishes and blessings for their bright future during the Prerna Samvad programme held at Model Higher Secondary School here, today. While sharing his student days’ experiences, Mr. Chouhan gave important tips to the students for splendid success in the examination. The Prerna Samvad programme was listened by the students of all the districts through Doordarshan and Akashwani.  Mr. Chouhan, while giving the invaluable tips for success, said that the foremost is self-confidence, as self-confidence gives energy and it enhances knowledge to identify our efficiency. While giving an example of Swami Vivekanand, he said that each student possesses capability and talent. There is a need to bring it out by identifying it. Moreover, while giving examples of Tulsidas for composition of Ramayana and Mahkavi Kalidas, he said that both the great personalities had capabilities and talents, which they identified themselves and the entire world read their literature today.  Recollecting the memories of his class 11-D days, Mr. Chouhan said that he was sent to jail for opposing emergency at the time of examination, but he gave examination with full confidence besides hard studies and passed the physics, chemistry and biology subjects with good marks. Thereafter, he passed the post graduation in philosophy also with good marks.

 Mr. Chouhan told the students that target is most important besides self-confidence. One cannot get desired results without the target. Target should be high always. Moreover, he mentioned that one must prepare the roadmap, which is a must to achieve the target. Following roadmap without any deviation is an essential condition. He further mentioned that deviation of concentration from the studies sometimes is natural.

Therefore, concentration is must with consciousness. Remembering the days during his education, he told the students, how he controlled himself from the deviation with strong will power and determination. Concentration gives success to achieve the target. Narrating the tale of Guru Dronacharya and the disciple Arjun, Mr. Chouhan said that success is sure by concentration on target and use of full energy. He told the students that they should always be filled with energy and positive approach. Keep distance from negative thinking. Study hard, move forward and make path to lead meaningful life with happiness.

He further mentioned that the government has adopted every remedy so that students should not face any obstacle in pursuing studies and progress. Referring to the Mukhya Mantri Medhavi Vidhyarthi Protsahan Yojana, Mr. Chouhan said that the fee of those students, who score 70 percent marks will be borne by the government on getting admissions in national level higher educational institutions. He urged the students that they should score 85 percent marks to receive laptops from the government as an incentive.

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